14 Dec 2018

New: 80mm mortar (Granatwerfer 34) with crew

We are proud to present the 80mm mortar with crew!

The Granatwerfer 34 (or GrW 34) was the standard medium infantry mortar for the whole German army throughout the entire war. It provided the most common artillery fire support to platoon or company sized formations.

The 80mm Granatwerfer was a simple yet very effective weapon with a high rate of fire. Able crews were able to pin down larger enemy formations in the Bocage of Normandy and were effective in suppressing or destroying emplacements and heavy weapons on all fronts. To flush out a sniper or to silence an enemy machine gun, the 80mm mortar is the weapon of choice for the infantry commander up front.

The set costs 8,90€ and is available in our online-shop!

All the best,
Thomas and Moritz


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