8 Feb 2016

New: Sturmgewehr soldiers

Dear Wargamers,

this time we are happy to present to you our troopers with Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles. These will give you the option to replace men with Karabiner 98k in your squads. The weapon was planned as "MP 43" (for Maschinenpistole or machine pistol) but was renamed "Sturmgewehr" (assault rifle) for propaganda purposes. The Sturmgewehr was perceived as versatile and effective in combat. Yet, late war production problems did not allow to equip the German infantry formations completely.

The three figures bear a Sturmgewehr each. While the first shooter is firing from a firm standing position, the second man is reloading. He has already stuffed the empty magazine in his webbing as he opens a pocket to grab a new one. The third trooper is sprinting to reach cover. To not hinder movement he holds the weapon in one hand as German regulations dictated.

The three figures will be available for 7,90 € on our web shop in a few weeks.

Best regards and until next week,

Thomas & Moritz


  1. Your miniatures look fantastic. Is there a link somewhere to your webshop?

    1. Thank you very much!
      The webshop is currently under construction but we will announce it when it goes online.

  2. Ist denn die Konstruktionsphase abgeschlossen und der Webshop online?

    1. Hallo,
      danke für deine Nachfrage! Wir sind froh verkünden zu dürfen: der Webshop ist online! https://ironcrossminiatures.com/shop/