25 Feb 2016

New: Panzerschreck team

Dear Wargaming Community

here is our Panzerschreck team, the second part of our anti tank troops. After capturing and evaluating American lend-lease Bazookas at the eastern front, the Raketenpanzerb├╝chse 54 (roughly translating as rocket armor rifle) was developed - in short and for the German love for abbreviations: The RPzB 54 (shout that in the midst of combat!). Colloquially known as Panzerschreck (tank dread) or Ofenrohr (stove pipe), the weapon was deployed on all fronts during the last years of the war. There it was potentially able to defeat all types of enemy armor.

In our set the gunner is kneeling with the RPzB 54 ready to fire. The assistant gunner has loaded the weapon and is just connecting the wiring of the electrical ignition - thus arming the launcher.

The set of two figures will be availabe for 6,90 € in a few weeks and, as always, from our webshop.


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