31 Jan 2016

New: Panzerfaust soldiers

Dear Wargamers,

today we present to you our Panzerfaust soldiers. They are part of our expanding anti-tank segment. Under the immense pressure of allied tank forces, Panzerfausts were produced in several variations from 1943 onward. In the later years of the war they found extensive use by the German troops and their allies.

The models shown carry the Panzerfaust 60, the most common type produced. The german word meaning "tank fist" grew to be colloquially eponymous for shoulder-held AT-weaponry (like the term bazooka in the english speaking world). The Number denominates the effective range the weapon was supposed to have.

Two riflemen are moving into position to lay ambush to enemy tanks and to fire from close range. The third man has already left his Karabiner rifle behind and is about to fire his Panzerfaust .The pose of these miniatures was designed faithful to WWII-photographs as this one: LINK (Wikipedia).

The three Panzerfaust troopers will be available at 7,90 € in a few weeks at our online shop.

All the Best,
Thomas and Moritz


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