13 Dec 2015

New Miniatures! First fireteam!

Dear community,

this week we present to you the first fireteam. Under covering fire by friendlies they advance into cover, trying to outmaneuver the enemy.

The MG42-gunner is just about to hit the deck, getting ready to fire. While he is followed by his loader, the rest of the group storms toward an enemy position. Hand grenades are thrown to suppress the defenders.

This set will cost 9,90€ but there will also be bundles so you can save some money!

The week after we will show you the next fireteam and discuss our ideas behind the figure design.

All the Best,
Thomas and Moritz

4 Dec 2015

Welcome to Iron Cross Miniatures

After over a decade with this awesome hobby we decided to create something on our own: A series of miniatures that meets our own highest expectations. In historical accuracy and overall quality. Now is the time to make this dream come true – and you can join us! 

The task we set for ourselves: To offer gamers and collectors around the globe a range of finely detailled and carefully produced miniatures in 28mm scale. We are happy to present to you our first series in this endeavour: German Infantry for Waffen-SS or Wehrmacht Panzergrenadier units from 1943 to 1945 in all European theaters.

Pretty soon you will be able obtain a complete series of miniatures – no waiting for a kickstarter, no endless announcements, but a ready and complete unit. During the coming weeks we will present to you the various parts of a German Grenadierzug, a whole platoon. With anything it needs to face the enemy!

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